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Ooo... new MJ trench. Yay!
My favorite coat is a lightweight Theory peacoat that I bought at Bloomingdales two years ago. It was my first BIG purchase and not only do I still wear it all the time but I still get compliments on it regularly. I've never regreted it, even though it took me six months to pay off.

I totally agree with you about Sideways. My firend and I saw it when it was still in the theater and at one point I turned to her and whispered loudly:

"I really can't decide which chracter I would punch first if I was given the oportunity. I wanted to take each of the four main characters by the shoulders, shake them and scream: STOP WHINING!"


Am I allowed to say I liked Sideways? probably not. I tried to watch the 'Assasination of Richard Nixon' on Sunday night and had to to turn it off, why is Sean Penn always playing the sad, unfortunate falling down type of guy? Everythig I watch lately seems to be sad and somehow connected to losing children....bring on the romantic comedies and give me the cheese.


I hate About Scmidt and thought Sideways was average and depressing. Just call me "Same Boat Girl". Woo on the coat girl.


im getting on the 'i liked Sideways' boat cause i like wine and there was some interesting stuff to learn in there. i saw About Schmidt awhile ago and dont remember it exactly, but the depressing aspect...its the culmination of so many fears, so many days and hours spent building that career and putting all your effort into that and only that and then just watching it disappear into nothing.

the movie felt more like a warning than anything else, that we can find happiness in human relationships distant or close by. hm, so i guess i liked About Schidmt as well.


"The weekend was cock full..."

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