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Ooo... we must be psychicly connected this week. I'm growing mine out as well and I was having a moment of weakness looking at pictures last night, missing my little pixed crop! The in-between lengths are the worst (mentaly speaking).

I meant to comment on your shadowbox yesterday - love the color palate. Love, love, love.


Love the exposure of this photo. Great job.


I really love this photo! The light diffusion makes it so mysterious. Great portrait!


I love the colour on this and am totally jealous of your curly hair. Mine has a slight natural curly but it's so long it weighs it down to just a slight wave.

I know what you mean about all my blogging, sadly my constant posting means I've hardly read any blogs at all recently.


Great photo.
I caught the Kiki Smith exhibit opening day in SF last Nov. It was bananas. Cry-your-eyes-out good.
She was even there to sign my book and I was all, hhuuhhuuhh, Hi Kiki. huhuh . . .yeah, I was cool.

Mary Stebbins

It's cute curly! :-)

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