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i once knew a kid back in college who had no personality of his own and would take on the traits of whoever might be around him at the time. we called him "the leech" b/c not only did he leech off traits but also, stories. doesn't work that well when those he borrows from know each other. lol. anyway, i agree. we do take on different traits from ppl to help us along in developing our own identity (though most of us won't do it to the extent of the leech). i'm changed by the people i meet, some have had profound effects on the way i think, and that can really be a good thing.


I always amazes me when I swap something or buy something from someone who works at home that some of their smell hcoems with it. Often I never seen someone or heard hetr voice buy know a tiny bit of their smell. It makes it so wonderfully personal..

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