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roxy asami

Hi Jessica!!! Thanks for checking out my blog - especially because I got to come across your blog! :) That print is awesome, oh man will the seller be there daily do you think, or was this a one time thing? Also, those black suede boots down below are AWESOME!!!! I think those are now my 2006/07 dream! :)

ms. spinach

love the boots. love the bag. really, really love the print and want one for myself (of course!).

sounds like a great birthday weekend!


Happy birthday Jessica
come on over and have a cake at my place:)


feliz cumpleanos! i've seen those prints in union sq. and drooled and drooled over them. i'm glad you got one!


Much belated BIRTHDAY cheers from me...
cheers, grache


It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday!!!

Love those grey boots from Anthropologie! Love them!

mary-kate hopkinson

hey there! love the h&m bag. i actually just purchased it in red myself. i love it! yours looks way shiny though, shinier than the only other black one i saw in the store, which was selling for $99.90. is that what you got? mine is nice 'n' shiny, not real leather and was $29.90. i sorta wish they'd had it in black, but oh well. i dig colors. end ramble. =)


bummer, I was in Brooklyn and it was my birthday recently too!..I think it was just that kind of weekend....we didn't do a thing. Basically, we just walked around and ate and drank...wondering why we had no energy! But the DADA show is great...I saw it when I was in Paris. I didn't realize it made it over here. It's a treat.

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