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adoro tu blog!!!


I just read in the paper that Cate Blanchett is worried about Australia's overseas reputation!

I can't see how something being labelled as ART makes taking naked photos of children, but if it's posted on the internet it's pornography!!

I think someone is pulling the wool over their eyes. A case of the Emperor's new clothes


These images are in no way exploiting children or of a pornographic nature.The narow minded critics should find something else to do with their time rather than bag out a tasteful and respected artist and his works.If nude images of underage children were pornographic then most parents in the developed world would be guilty of possesing child porn!The models aren't being exploited and this is the basis of anti child pornography laws.The critics are trying to force their own opnions and veiws without a shred of fairness or open mindness. Get a life!!!


Shiny, I appreciate Mr Hensen having seen his exhibitions before. However, your remarks make something so beautiful very trashy and ugly. If it's not porn to you then why are you getting off on it?

 Local 515

Everyone one take notes grab a can of art/genius/ life from you local general store and take a big drink this is not the end.

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