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Oh my--am I the only jumping off the walls about fashion week?! I always tell myself I won't, and then the haute couture collections come out and soon the next season's fashion week is upon us and I'm excited. lol. The CD collection was just gorgeous, imho. I'm seeing a definate trend throughout all the HC offerings towards a sculptural quality that hasn't really been seen since the 1980s... Interesting... But I think I loved the CD collection so much because of the obvious Japanese overtones; the coat with The Great Wave print just KILLS me. *dies*

Just sent you an email, btw... :)


If I was an Oscar nominee, I'd be high-tailing to secure that second (apple green) dress. Can you imagine? Piecework on a Dior gown? My jaw is on the floor. The color would make me look sick, but there are plenty of famous ladies with the olive skin to pull it off. It's just spectacular.

In my opinion! :D


dior wonderland - so stunning!



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