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it is sad that you consider these images "disturbing". war is "disturbing".


Is the only subject matter that one can be moved by "war"? If so, then for years artists have created works, no masterpieces, in vain. This is not to say that war and the effects of it are not terrible horrific human creations but as humans there is a range of emotions and as artists we depict that range.

Should disturbed depict an emotional state and emotional movement than surely a viewer can find a photograph disturbing. They are affecting. What does disturbed mean in the context of a photograph? It may mean disarranged, or marked by grief/uneasiness/trouble, or an emotional disorder. It is easy to see in Tanyth Berkeley’s work her subjects’ grief/uneasiness/trouble, but also their hope. Berkeley’s photographs demonstrate the precise psychological condition and juxtaposition of “disturbed”.

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