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amazing! so thrilled for you - it will be amazing. my brother is living in beijing and i cannot wait to go visit him...


Check out the night market in Hangzhou! Have a wonderful time..I went with my my mom and one of my daughters 3 Aprils ago!!


How exciting...hope you post some photos!


Where in China are you going to? I am in love with Shanghai and the Shaolin Temple. Two of my favorite places on earth.


Bargain. Bargain more than you would here. Drink bottled water that you have unsealed. Keep small bills on hand. (So when you shop you can pay and get what you want instead of trying to deal with a salesperson who won't give you change because they're not done negotiating.) Be prepared to be offered a ton of food.

Don't plan on keeping any "souvenirs" from the hotel. Even the keycards. In fact, just make it easy by keeping all towels and extras out in the open when you check-out.

Have a ton of fun!

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