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I can see why you love 2D, and I can't imagine your stuff done any other way, (although amazingly so much 2D looking animation is 3D now just to save time), but I would say as a 3D animator there are still a lot of lovely mistakes which can surprise the creator. I always start with 2D sketches anyway then things like lighting and texturing effects are often little surprises! The thing I most love about 3D is the way it really stretches your brain as well as creative side. I've heard it said that our software is the most complex in the world. I love sketching, modelling, then having to stop and think about joint placement, or how the body will deform and move. It's a complex but fun job, with loads of styles, some which are truly beautiful and not all shiny and CG, so don't judge us too harshly ;-)

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