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T. Budnik

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I'm a copywriter by trade. I haven't written for any of the products you mention, but I'm glad that SOMEONE is reading what's on packaging!



Keep up the good copy! I'll keep reading. :)


Great post! I'm an engineer by trade, but I love the art of selling. If you can drop some clever copy on a product and make someone smile while holding the product, that's a marketing win in my book.


Love it! I'm the same way Stella. Some of my favorites are Dove chocolates (the little individually wrapped ones shapped like hearts) and Splenda packets. Sometimes I leave Splendas in my coworkers mailboxes if I think they need a lift. :)


Oh my gosh I also love the names of sertain nail polishes!!! I think they are so cute and make the polish more fun! Love This Stella!!!


love it stella!! it's great how you notice the little nuances of life and all the beautiful things people add to our lives daily! keep writing, i'll keep reading!

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