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I think I would feel like an idiot in those VS pjs. I stick to stripes, they seem to work best for me, personally.

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heyy i relle LOVE fashion..and when i say fashion, i do NOT mean Hollister and A&F, even though some of that stuff can be cute.
No, when i say fashion, i love mixing patterns, and def vintageee! i love edgy stuff.
can anyone find me a site that has fashion collages of fashion magazine cut-out pics.. or a site with anything to do with fashion? i dont want a shopping site, i want a site that will inspire me with designs and stuff.


Daily Gift Guide: Fashion Chalet

I have recently delved into the world of Fashion blogs and happily found Fashion Chalet. Check it out!

The Cindy Booties - would add such a fashion forward statement to just about any "look" this season!

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